CHILD'S SMILE  - Contributions up to


Mr. and Mrs. Michael Abrams

Amazon Smile

Ms. Joann Archer

Ms. Ellen Attanasio

Ms. Margaret Bergstrom

Ms. Mary Ann Bradley

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Butsch

Mr. Bob Caton

Ms. Janean Clare

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Coll

Ms. Dee Conallen

Ms. Susan Copple

Mr. John Danese

Ms. Mary Davis

Del. Co. Paralegal Association

Mr. and Mrs. Peter DiPlacido

Ms. Elaine Geraghty

Glenolden Presbyterian Church

Mr. Grant Grissom

Ms. Grace Gutberlet

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Hart

Ms. Meagan Hopkins-Doerr

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Javage

Ms. Carol Jenkins

Ms. Annmarie Kelly

Ms. Regina Lessig

Mr. Keith Lockhart

Mr. and Mrs. R. Bruce Lutz

Ms. Elspeth MacDonald

Ms. Andrea McAndrews

Ms. Kathleen McDevitt

Ms. Doreen McGettigan

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Mostardi​

Ms. Sharon Munoz

Dr. and Mrs. Guy Nardella


Ms. Mary Ellen Panzitta

Pappano Breslin

Ms. Nancy Paterni

Mr. and Mrs. James Polson

Ms. Vicky Redden

Ms. A. M. Reusche

Ms. Dawn Santiorelli

Ms. Joan Seal

Ms. Mattie Siegfried

Ms. Gwen Skalish

Mr. Phillip Solomon

Ms. Ruth Sperber

Ms. Carolyn Truscello

Mr. and Mrs. John vanRavenswaay

Ms. Maureen Wall

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Zurbach 


Family Promise of Delaware County Interfaith Hospitality Network is a 501(c)(3) non-profit agency that provides shelter and assistance for Homeless Families. 

The annual budget of Family Promise is $100,116; only 6% of our annual budget is for Administrative costs.  The following is a list of our generous

2020 DONORS.


SPECIAL BLESSING  - Contributions of $20,000 to $39,999

Delco Strong 2 Non-Profit

HEAVEN SENT -  Contributions of $10,000 to $19,999 

St. Mary Magdalen Church, Media


Genuardi Foundation

ANGEL - Contributions of $5,000 to $9,999

Richard G. and Audrey A. Brinkman Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Fromhold

Leo & Peggy Pierce Family Foundation

DIRECTOR'S DREAM  - Contributions of $1,000 to $4,999

The Community Foundation

Ms. Barbara Drake

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Halt

Mr. and Mrs. Chris Lamoureux

Project W

Swarthmore Presbyterian Church

Trinity Episcopal Church, Swarthmore

Mr. and Mrs. John Westby

FAMILY CIRCLE  -  Contributions of $500 to $999

 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Barker

Delco Dept. of Human Services

Del. Co. Italian Club

Ms. Sarah Ellen Lenahan 

Network For Good - Anonymous

O'Shea Family Foundation


Ms. Paula Troy

Unitarian Universalist Church of Del. Co.

MOM'S HOPE  - Contributions of $250 to $499

Armenian Congregational Church, Havertown

Mr. and Mrs. James Condon

Mr. Andrew Coste

FP Basement Sale

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Fromhold

Ms. Mary Jane McCloskey

NRG Matching Gift

Pay Pal Giving Fund

Ms. Andrea Rea

Ms. Katherine Rush

Mr. Charles Weiss